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Digiperform LMS

Exclusive Digiperform LMS to support their Trainees

In Today’s Digital era, many institutes are offering Digital Marketing training, But Digiperform is the only institute in classroom training providing LMS support. LMS is the short form given to Learning Management System which is a software application for administering, documenting, tracking, reporting and delivery of training programs, educational courses which could either be classroom courses or online.

Learning, because you use it to deliver education courses or training programs, i.e., students learn about everything they will be doing during their training/course.

Management, because it helps you manage and organize these courses (creating modules, change/updating them,  grade the students,  etc.).

System, last but not the least, is just another name given to “software”.

Well, Digiperform LMS has an E-learning content delivered to the enrolled students to said courses, and, finally, monitor and assess their progress and performance ( modules covered, attendance, grades, etc.). Thus it makes the management of everything related to learning much more comprehensive, personalized, of high quality and enhanced through the use of virtual classrooms and multimedia content. Thus Digiperform LMS is also such an innovative tool which acts as a complement to classroom learning making it more powerful.

Advantages of Digiperform LMS

LMS software is able to add a level of efficiency to Digiperform learning systems with some other benefits emerging as well, such as:

– Re-use: Students can adapt and reuse the study materials over time.

– Portability: It’s possible to access the Digiperform LMS from anywhere with an internet connection from any device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet. If a student is away on holiday or traveling they can access the class content and exercises anywhere.

– Saving Time and money: Having all information in the same place allows the complete management of everything related to digital marketing training thus saving time and money.

– Avoiding loss of data and information and making it available to all users in one place.

– Tool for self-improvement thus improving the overall curriculum learning experience.

– Easy access to information: All of the data is structured in such a way in the same place, making it accessible to all users. Courses, calendars, multimedia content, archives, and evaluations are available in just one click.

– Multimedia learning: Digiperform LMS provides multimedia learning content which is comprehensive and practical, using video, images, and text which all serve as great tools in learning new skills or information.

Thus the results of training and education with the support of Digiperform LMS guarantee successful training as to help and motivate students.

Step By Step Guide to Work on Digiperform LMS

                  The very first screen which appears has two parameters

Admin panel is restricted to the trainers and Internal staff members.

                   While the student Panel button leads you to the window below or you can directly login from here also

digiperform lms login

Here you are required to fill in your credentials as provided by the institute via Email.

You  will be redirected to the below LMS window

digiperform lms login

On the Top Right Corner in My Profile option, you can customize and fill in all your details.

digiperfom lms login

Also, you can upload your resume here which will be accessed by various HRs and partner companies of Digiperform

Next in Topic Library you can see multiple topics that are there in your course which covers extensive 30 modules of Digital marketing course

DigiPerform lms modules
DigiPerform lms
lms modules
digiperform lms details

Now when you open any module, you will see the below view

digiperform lms modules

In the  LESSONS tab, you can watch all PPTs related to the module

PDF Lessons

In the VIDEOS tab, you can watch videos related to your chapter

lms videos

 In ASSIGNMENTS tab each module is loaded with class practicals, assignments and case studies which are to be done in the class.

Assignments tab

Home Assignments are to be completed at Home and Submission Guidelines are given for them which are to be completed in the form of PPTs and the folder is to be stored in GOOGLE DRIVE and the link is to be shared with your Batch Trainer.

Only then your exam link is activated for your course.

digiperform Exam links

You have to select the course you have opted for as The institute provides two courses CDME (Certified Digital Marketing Executive )and CDMC(Certified Digital Marketing Consultant).

Under TAKE ACTIVITY TAB you can take quizzes related to the topic covered.

activity tab

– You can also check your regular progress of the topics you have covered.

– Vacancies and updates panel shows all the upcoming Vacancies for student’s placement support.

dashboard new

Finally, after attempting the exam, you will get the result and the certificate of your enrolled course

digiperform Exam Result

Thus this is all about the detailed explanatory guide of Exclusive Digiperform LMS.

You can also watch the video by clicking on the below you tube link.

Source: youtube

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