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Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs In India

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Without wasting time, I’ll tell you the Top 10 Affiliate Programs in India that you should join for sure to earn high commission rates. If you want to know about the Affiliate Marketing in India, Read here. So, here’s a list of the very best 10 affiliate programs in India:

  1. Amazon India

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


Amazon India is currently leading the Indian e-commerce industry. Amazon India is giving the highest commission rates on an average order and has high conversions. If you want to join Amazon Affiliate Program, simply Login it by your current Amazon account or you can also sign up for a new account. You can create your affiliate link for any product by using the sites stripe toolbar. After creating the Affiliate link, you can either share it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or you can also put banners on your website or blog. Amazon also gives commissions on other products if the visitor purchases it after clicking on your link.

  1. Flipkart

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


Flipkart is one of the first Indian e-commerce platforms. Flipkart has gained the trust of the Indian customers by giving the best services possible and became a recognized brand in India. Flipkart also offers different commission rates for different products. Flipkart offers different commissions rates for website purchase, for app purchase, for a new user, and for the app download. Flipkart provides you s a code for your website so that you can put the product search bar on your website or blog.

  1. GoDaddy

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


Godaddy is one of the best and the leading domain registrar in the world and it has a specific affiliate program for different countries. Godaddy doesn’t charge any fee for joining the program. Godaddy is a big brand, if someone wants to buy hosting or domain, Godaddy comes in mind first. It has high commissions on hosting, domain, reseller plans and many more. Godaddy provides the affiliate program through Commission Junction in India.

  1. Bigrock

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


Bigrock is a leader in the domain registrar industry but not as big as Godaddy. They have 10+ years of experience in this industry now, so they are quite good at it. Big Rock provides high commissions on the hosting, domain registration, reselling plans and others plans. You can earn commission on various products with a single affiliate link. If a visitor buy hosting from your affiliate link and it also buys a reseller account at the same time, so you’ll get commissions for both products.

  1. VComission

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


V-commission is one of the biggest and the earliest CPA network in India. V-commission has various plans so you can earn commissions. There are lots of affiliate programs available in the v commission, and you can get commission by lead generation, driving traffic, app installs, and many more. V-commission has lots of big clients like eBay, Myntra, homeshop18, etc. There is a deep link generator in V-commission through which you can generate affiliate links for any products.

  1. Hostgator

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


Hostgator is a hosting provider and has its own servers. Hostgator gives a minimum of Rs 1250 per sale as a commission. Hostgator is also the big name in the hosting industry. It has different commission rates for different for different plans. You can put banners on your website or blog, and the banners are responsive for both desktop and mobile versions. Click here for the Hostgator Sign up the program.

  1. TripAdvisor

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


If you are a travel writer or you, own a travel blog or website than it is the perfect affiliate program for you. TripAdvisor gives up to 50% commission on a single sale. TripAdvisor provides you different banners to put on your website both for desktop and mobile versions. It has higher conversions as TripAdvisor has more than 5,00,000 hotels and city pages. To sign up for Tripadvisor Affiliate program, you have to sign up for commission junction.

  1. Shop Clues

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


ShopClues is also one of the top online marketplaces, it has more than four lakhs of merchants and more than 9 million products and counting till date. ShopClues gives 6-7% of commission per sale for categories like fashion, footwear, sports, health, and many more.

  1. Reseller Club

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


Reseller club is a reseller hosting company, and it is one the best reseller in the Indian market. Reseller club easily gives 2000-8000 INR per sale depending on the product plans. Reseller club also provides you with full sales report to track your sales.

Reseller club is one of the highest commission payers in the Indian Affiliate program network. The best part of the reseller club is that the tracking cookie is valid for 60 days.

  1. CueLinks

Top 10 affiliate programs in India


Cuelinks is one of the best available affiliate programs in India. It is the best affiliate program because you don’t have to worry about which product to choose. Let’s say you wrote an article about one plus 6 and published it, Cuelinks will automatically pick the product and links it to the Amazon product page, and when a person purchases the product from this link, you’ll get a commission. All you have to do is put the javascript code on your website, and if you’re using WordPress, then you can also install the plugin. So it is the best affiliate program in India as you don’t have to worry about which product to choose, just write about the product and Cuelinks will monetize your content.

So, that was my list of Top 10 Affiliate Programs in India. Take your time to walk through each of the affiliate programs websites and see which affiliate program pays you the most and it has the product that you’re willing to write about. What exactly are the Indian affiliate programs you have found achievement with? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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