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How To Create Videos with Lumen5 -Free Online Video Maker

Being a blogger and content marketer, individuals experience the main obstacles through these issues:

How can I make much more video content?

Exactly where will I get new video strategies from?

Today, I am going to talk about a free online video maker called Lumen5. Lumen5 is a great way to make quick little videos for Instagram, facebook, on your blog and other things.

If you haven’t heard of Lumen5 before, or maybe you just want to see some advanced tricks, keep reading now. If you’re a blogger and a writer and video is not your strong point, this is an excellent tool for you to use.

It’s super simple, and super easy, and makes just adorable little videos. The website is at the beginning is free, you can create the unlimited video.

And just a whole lot more, you can upload your logo, upload photos and upload your videos, even so, you can kind of make a mashup of them. If you want to go to the pro plan, it’s $49 a month, and you get to do square videos You get the no Lumen5 branding.

In other words, your credits at the end will take off, no credit scene. You get 720p video quality, 35 different fonts, upload your watermark and upload your outro. And then there’s a business plan which is $119 a month, which has even more, but let’s get started looking at the free one. Now to get started you’re going to go to create a video up here in the top.

The different options in Lumen5 you can start with:

 – You can start with a link just use an article or blog url, Lumen 5 will convert your blog post into videos automatically.

–  Or start with some text, I usually prefer creating videos manually, just copy and paste the content and get start making your video.

Create a Video with Lumen5

Now, start with the first option and added a blog post link to convert it into the video. Click on Go will take you to the main video creation dashboard where all the magic happens.

Next, just choose the video format and video theme or you can skip the same. I have picked a topic url for Top 10 benefits of digital marketing,

The main dashboard will look like this.

Lumen5 video maker

Just select the content you want to use for the video from the left side, it will appear at the right side slides and will automatically choose the image as per the content. It has a lot of free media on here, that you can use, Just drag your images to the slide.

You can also upload your videos or upload your pictures, which is what I use most of the time.

However, this depends entirely upon your style. I like title, I like the size of it, and this one’s essential. You can pick your text position. You can make it centered, off to the left, right, in a corner.

So you’ll have to kind of play with that a little bit and see what looks good. Now, the next tab over is music, you can upload your music, and you can also pick it, and you can search for tracks.

Now you can preview each one of the slides you have created one at a time. But if you want to preview as you’re going through it, go up to the top, hit preview. It gives you a little preview down.

Finally click on the finish button within 2-3 minutes (depends on the length of the video) it will give you the complete video you can download from there and use the same for your any post or content.

Secondly, You can make you make your video clip with your content, copy and paste your content at the starting and follow the same procedure for it.

Video Tutorial

source: youtube

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