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Domain and Page Authority Checker Tool

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking rating created by Moz that anticipates how good a website will get ranking on search engine. A Domain Authority score varies from 1 to 100, with greater ratings akin to a better chance to get ranking.

Domain Authority is measured by analyzing numerous aspects, which include linking root domains and quantity of total links, into a single DA score. This score may then be utilized when you compare websites or tracking the “ranking power” of a website eventually.

The way you use our Domain authority checker Tool

Making use of our website authority checker is quite simple. You will have to adhere to these basic steps:

Go to

Within the space provided, type the URLs you need to examine.  Once you have inserted the URLs of the websites you would like to examine, click the “Check Authority” button.

Within just a matter of seconds, our highly effective engine provides you the outcomes. Our site also shows the page authority of the domain you enter

Things that have an effect on Domain Authority

How’s DA determined? There are actually more than 100 aspects that Moz utilizes to determine domain authority.

Here are a few of them:

  • Referring to root domains
  • Quantity of back links directed towards the website
  • Quality of the links
  • Website volume (the amount of content is within the site)
  • Age of domain
  • Quantity of social signals
  • Quality of overall websites content
  • Web site speed
  • Moz trust (Moz trust is generally computed by Moz and it grows with time).
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